Adding the chatbox to a WordPress site

WordPress is one of the most popular platforms for web sites, and it is easy to add the ChatStyle web chatbox to your WordPress site. We recommend using one of several free and easy to use WordPress plugins that allow you to edit the header and footer.

Adding the chatbox to all pages

For our own WordPress site, we use a plugin named “Insert Headers and Footers“. These instructions use that plugin, but there are a number of other similar plugins with the same features that you can use to do these steps.

Once you log into your WordPress site with administrator credentials, you can go to the Settings menu and select “WP Headers and Footers”.

On the WP Headers and Footers page, you can scroll down to the bottom of the page to the area labeled “Scripts in Footer”. Here you can paste in the HTML snippet you copied from the Web channel page and click Save. The chatbot avatar should be immediately visible on all pages on your site.

Adding the chatbox to a specific page

If you want the chatbox to appear on a specific page or pages in your WordPress site, you can edit that page and add the snippet. Go to the Pages section of the WordPress admin menu and select Edit on the page you would like to add the chatbox to.

From the Page Edit screen, you can add a Custom HTML block, as shown in the image below. Paste the HTML snippet from the Web channel into the editor area on the right, and save the page. The chatbox avatar should be immediately visible on the page.

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