Autotask PSA Security Level

To set up Autotask PSA to integrate with ChatStyle, you first need to create a security level for the API user.

On that page, under the section labeled Security, select the Security Levels link.

Go to the Admin menu in Autotask and select Account Settings & Users.

Find the security level in the list named API User (system) (API-only). Hover over the icon to the left of it and select the Copy menu item. This will open a new page where you can name the new security level.

Scroll down to the section of this page that is labeled Other and expand this section. Inside that section is an option labeled Webhooks. If you would like to receive updates and notifications from Autotask when tickets change, turn on this option and enter a number in the Maximum number of Webhooks field that is not zero.

On this same page there is a section labeled Web Services API. Expand that section and you will see a table labeled Resource Impersonation. Scroll down to the sections marked Service Desk and Other/Shared. If you would like ChatStyle to be able to indicate what Teams users are performing actions, such as updating the status of a ticket, then you should check all the boxes for the following: Tickets, Ticket Notes, and Attachments.

You can now Save the new security level

If you are going to allow ChatStyle to use impersonation, you must also change the settings of the security levels that you want to be impersonated. In the list of Security Levels, find the level(s) that match the levels of your Teams users. Under the Web Services API section at the bottom of the page, check the box labeled Allow impersonation of resources with this security level. Now, when a Teams user of this level takes an action like updating ticket status, the ticket history will show that it was they who took the action. Please note that users in Microsoft Teams are matched with their Autotask user account by primary email address.

Next, we will add the user.

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