ChatStyle Scripting API

With the ChatStyle platform, almost everything that happens in the interactions between internal messaging (Microsoft Teams, Slack), customer messaging (web and various platforms), and your business applications (PSA) is scriptable.

These scriptlets can be written in either ChatScript, which is an extension of ECMAScript/JavaScript, or in Microsoft Powershell. In either case, the scriptlets have a set of preloaded objects that are part of the ChatStyle Scripting API. These objects provide access and control over the pieces of the system like messaging or your PSA.

API ObjectDescription
ChatCore object, provides access to messaging, responses, and conversation
ConnectorsCollection of applications linked to the bot (ex. PSA)
MessageThe current message received and being processed
ProfileUser information about the user in this conversation
SettingsName / value collection for the bot
UxHelper object to create adaptive cards and other user interface objects

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