Connecting a customer using Slack

You can let customers connect to ChatStyle from their own customer Slack workspace by installing our bot in their workspace.

To start the connection, log into the ChatStyle portal, and click on the Channels link on the left panel.

There is a section at the lower part of the pages with a set of links to help create customer channels in Slack.  You can click the “Copy Link” button and send the copied link to the administrator of the Slack workspace you want to connect to you as a customer. If you want to embed an “Add to Slack” button on your website, you can use the “Copy Button” button instead, and take the copied HTML to the page you want to add the button to.

When a Slack administrator opens the link you have sent, they will have an opportunity to add the app to their workspace. If they do approve it, this will automatically add the necessary channels and connectors to ChatStyle to get them started.

Once approved, the app will appear as an available app in the customer Slack workspace. If it is not listed, you can click “Add apps” and add it.

Customers can then send messages directly to the app. When the app receives a first message from a user in the customer workspace, it will authenticate them as a contact in the ticketing system using their Slack provided email address.

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