Connecting to Microsoft Teams

ChatStyle uses Microsoft Teams as the chat interface for your internal team. You can connect the system to your Teams tenant using a connector. Users can interact with ChatStyle directly, but it is most useful when connected to a team and channel. For that reason, it is helpful to create any teams or channels you want to use with ChatStyle prior to the installation.

Select the Connectors item from the left panel, and then select the connector named Internal.

You will see a button on this page labeled Grant Admin Consent. When you click on this button, you will be asked to approve ChatStyle as a Teams application for your tenant. You must log in as an Office365 user with administrative rights to the tenant you want to connect the internal channel to.

Once you approve the application, you will be returned to this page, and the button label should now have changed to read “Approved for ” and your tenant name.

This connector is already associated with a ChatStyle channel also named Internal, and this ChatStyle channel will be used to communicate to your internal team when actions happen in the system, like a new chat.

Once the connector is configured, you can go to the Settings page and associate incoming chat messages with a particular team and channel in the Internal tenant. The dropdowns will be populated based on the tenant configuration. These values are cached, so if in the future you want to reconfigure ChatStyle to a new team or channel you create, you must first go back to the Internal connector and hit the Refresh button. This will update the cached team and channel lists. You can then go to Settings and they will be available in the dropdowns.

In addition to configuring ChatStyle for Teams, you must also take a few additional steps inside of Teams. First, you must be sure to add the manifest of the application to the tenant. Inside Teams, on the bottom left pane, click on the Apps icon. Then, in the list of applications, there is a button at the bottom labeled Manage your apps. Click that button, and then click the Upload an App link that appears at the top of the window. A dialog will appear with a button labeled Upload a custom app. Select the manifest for ChatStyle internal Teams bot, which can be downloaded here. It is a zip file that contains a description of the bot and the commands it supports.

You can also upload the manifest file into your tenant via the Teams Admin Portal, which will allow you to approve the app and deploy it to multiple users in your tenant. Click here for a Microsoft article on how to use the admin center to deploy the app.

Once you have uploaded and accepted the application, you must also add it to the specific team you want to interact with. Return to the Apps icon on the bottom left pane, and after clicking, find ChatStyle in the list of applications. Click on ChatStyle, and the dialog that opens up will have a button labeled Open with a dropdown arrow next to it. Click on the dropdown arrow and select the Add to a team option. You can now select the team you want to connect to for handling chat and chatops commands. You can repeat this step for as many teams as you need to connect to ChatStyle.

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