ConnectWise Manage API User

The ChatStyle connector for ConnectWise Manage uses an API member to connect to your PSA system. What that member can and cannot do is configured by the Security Role it is associated with.

Depending on the actions used in the playbook you select, you may need different selections for the security role, but in general, here are the settings most needed by ChatStyle to interact with ConnectWise Manage.

Go to System \ Security Roles and create a new role with the following permissions, or select an existing role with those permissions.

CompaniesCompany MaintenanceNoneNoneNoneAll
CompaniesCompany / Contact Group MaintenanceNoneNoneNoneAll
CompaniesManage AttachmentsAllAllNoneAll
CompaniesTeam MembersNoneNoneNoneAll
ProjectProject ManagementNoneNoneNoneAll
ProjectProject TicketsNoneNoneNoneAll
Service DeskClose Service TicketsAllAllNoneAll
Service DeskResource SchedulingAllAllAllAll
Service DeskService TicketsAllAllNoneAll
SystemMember MaintenanceNoneNoneNoneAll
SystemTable Setup*All*NoneNoneAll

* – Table Setup access is necessary only while initial setup of the connector is happening, or when base data changes happen that need to be updated in ChatStyle (ex. adding a new ticket status). ChatStyle reads and caches these values for future use.  For Add, you need to temporarily enable Add to allow ChatStyle to create a new record in the Service\Source table to register itself as a ticket source. After the initial setup, you can remove the Add access from Table Setup.

Go to System \ Members \ API Members and create the member to be used.

Go to API Keys and create a new key for ChatStyle. The public and private key values are needed to configure the connector.

You will also need to know the URL of the API server for your instance, and the URL where you access Manage.

Examples for cloud hosted Manage in North America would be:

Site URL:

Link to Host:

If you are hosting the instance then the URLs for both will be the same.

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