Halo API User

In order to connect ChatStyle to your HaloPSA instance, we need to set up a new HaloPSA API Integration.

After logging into your HaloPSA instance, go to the Configurations link on the bottom left bar, then scroll down to the bottom of the page in the Advanced section. There is a button and link there for Integrations.

The type of integration we use is an API integration, so select the left button labeled HaloPSA API. This will take you to a page with the first piece of information we need, which is the site URL. Copy the server URL from the fields under API Details (ex. Resource Server will be https://xxx.halopsa.com/api, we are interested in the https://xxx.halopsa.com value.

Now scroll down to the Applications section, and click View Applications. Here we need to create a new application for ChatStyle. Use the New button on the top right of the application list.

You can name the application anything you wish. The following values are needed for ChatStyle:

  • Set it to Active
  • Select Client ID and Secret (Services) for the Authentication Method)
  • Copy the Client ID and Client Secret values, we will need to enter those into the ChatStyle connector
  • For Login Type, you can select “Agent”, and select an agent that has access to the PSA data that you want to expose via the API (typically this would be data for all customers).
  • For Permissions, the following HaloPSA permissions are required:
    • read:tickets
    • edit:tickets
    • read:customers
    • edit:customers
    • read:crm
    • edit:crm
    • read:items
    • read:kb
    • read:assets

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