Scripting API – Chat.getParameter

getParameter(string name, bool useDefault = false, bool required = true, bool    checkState = true)

Used in the context of a command handler scriptlet. This can retrieve a parameter value from the current message or conversation, to be used in executing the command.


name – Name of the parameter to retrieve the value of

useDefault – If true, then if there is only one parameter for this command, it will return that value if no name is specified

required – If true, then this method will throw an error if the parameter is not found, either by name, default, or state checks

checkState – If true, if the parameter is not found by name, it will also check the current conversation state for a value of the same name. If that field exists, then it will return that value from the state


Return a parameter by name


var id = Chat.getParameter('ticketid');


$id = $Chat.GetParameter('ticketid');

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