Why did we build ChatStyle?
  • 02 Dec 2021
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Why did we build ChatStyle?

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This is Chris Dix, Founder of ChatStyle.

I want to say thanks for taking a look at us and learning about what we are building.

Messaging Is Everywhere

People love messaging. 2.5 billion people use mobile messaging. 6 billion text messages are sent daily in the US.

But it's not just about consumers. Businesses have learned how to leverage messaging internally. Microsoft Teams has 145 million daily users, and Slack has 10 million. These tools are critical for collaboration and problem solving, especially now with the increase in remote work.

The Problems with Messaging

Unfortunately, for businesses, messaging can create as many problems as it solves. The knowledge captured inside collaboration tools like Teams is often trapped there, siloed away from other tools businesses use for billing, reporting, and tracking. And while messaging is the preferred communication method for people under 50, most businesses still do not have a way for their customers to message them.

There are good reasons for that. Messaging does not scale, and there are a wide number of channels consumers use: SMS, Facebook, Twitter, web chat. Which should a business support?

How ChatStyle Works

We have figured out that there is really just one solution to both problems: automation.

We have built a solution that combines the best of chatops for internal users and chatbots for customers into a single, flexible automation tool that integrates easily with the applications you already use.

Imagine getting notified about a new ticket inside Microsoft Teams, and being able to update that ticket, collaborate on a solution, and capture all the relevant details without ever having to leave Teams.

Now, imagine that your customer opened that ticket using a text message, and that you responded directly to them from inside Teams while working the ticket.

That's ChatStyle. :)

Thanks Again

This is version 1, and we are just getting started. We have plans for more integrations and channels, so if you don't see everything you need today, let us know and we will get it on the development roadmap.

I hope you'll find ChatStyle as a useful product for making your team more productive and your customers happier.

Chris Dix
Founder - ChatStyle

You can reach me at chris@chatstyle.ai

You can also ask questions at our Contact Us page or schedule a call.

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