Connecting to Microsoft Teams

ChatStyle uses Microsoft Teams as the chat interface for your internal team. You can connect the system to your Teams tenant using a connector. Users can interact with ChatStyle directly, but it is most useful when connected to a team and channel. For that reason, it is helpful to create […]

Autotask PSA API User

Now we will create the API User that will be used to connect ChatStyle to Autotask. From the main Autotask menu, select Admin and then Account Settings and Users. Expand the section of the page that is labeled Resources/Users (HR) and select the Resources/Users link. Hover over the New button […]

Autotask PSA Security Level

To set up Autotask PSA to integrate with ChatStyle, you first need to create a security level for the API user. On that page, under the section labeled Security, select the Security Levels link. Go to the Admin menu in Autotask and select Account Settings & Users. Find the security […]

Introducing ChannelScript

One of the most powerful features of the ChatStyle platform is the ability to create and share custom chatops commands. The language we developed to build these commands is called ChannelScript. ChannelScript is a modified version of JavaScript, or more specifically, ECMAScript. It currently supports all ECMAScript 3 and ECMAScript […]


Connectors are the building blocks that ChatStyle uses to communicate with other tools, such as a PSA, a database, or an SMS service. Some channels, like the Microsoft Teams channel, are associated with a connector to tell ChatStyle how to communicate. Other connectors provide a connection to a system like Datto […]

ConnectWise Manage API User

The ChatStyle connector for ConnectWise Manage uses an API member to connect to your PSA system. What that member can and cannot do is configured by the Security Role it is associated with. Depending on the actions used in the playbook you select, you may need different selections for the […]